Manhandled Part two: Salome    

Performance 2017

A performance interpretation to the New Testament story and Oscar Wildes 1891 tragedy play Salome. Because it has been a favorite subject for many Artist, it can also be found in different variations in the Rijksakademie Collection. This performance was made in collaboration with: Haian Arshied, Tarek Al Muazen and Manar Al Sammour. Together we engaged with the middle east  the place we grew up in is a site of memory and the formation of religious and political identities of the Western world. Because much of the art surviving from Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire is Christian art, biblical stories have been pillars in art history. This unlikely collaboration between Syrian and Israely artist. collapsed the boundaries between fragile and lasting, barbaric and civilized, and symbolic and prejudiced. Premiered at RijksOpen ,Rijksakademie van beeldende kunste, Amsterdam NL 2017.