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Weisstub’s practice brings together performance and sculpture in installations that demonstrate vulnerability, exposing the way in which our fragility can be perceived through acts of both care and violence. I believe that when experiencing the temporality of something or someone, we come to understand its value. With a background in theatre, I take an interdisciplinary approach to art spaces, producing immersive and sensory presentations that reflect on their ritualistic origin.

In an era where mass computing has overcome our embodied limitations (as the ability to store our memories , never to forget)  Weisstub perceives a predominant social climate that denies natural processes of decay. By appropriating technologies, old and new, and placing them in dialogue with what it is to be human. Weisstub’s work creates a space to share our human vulnerability and understand it as a collective ontological condition.

Graduating Das Arts - Master of Theatre Amsterdam (2014) and Rijksacademie residency program in 2016–2017 Amsterdam. Weisstub’s works are interdisciplinary. Influenced by Andrea Tarkovsky’s concept of ‘sculpting in time’, she produces exhibitions as time based experiences, mise-en-scènes made from objects that in encompass the presence of life.