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Theatrical Installation 2016

Dealing with technology over riding human limitation (as forgetting) and becoming an ephemeral spiritual ground beyond our conceptions of time and space (as the ability never to forget) A part of the installation was a sculpture of a rubber bust, the bust was attached to a vacuum cleaner, which sucks all the air out of it, turning it into an old, wrinkled body. Because air is constantly pumped in and out of the body, it seems as if the sculpture breathes. Surfacing the tension of a female body aging in western society, a society that worships the young fit body.

During the exhibition this sculpture was placed in front of a Peppers ghost (hologram projection) of my grandmother, next to witch was a record player, playing my grandmother's voice as she was describing in Hebrew and German memories of technology entering her life. Weisstub found inspiration for making this video (hologram projection) from magic shows from the 19th century, a time where technological innovations were presented to a live audience.

Animation: Georgi Stamenov,
Music: Sachi Piro,
Construction: Oded Rimon, Nicola Arthen
Molds: Anthony Sqard, With Support of : Marianne Peijnenburs, Chaja Hertog.
Video documentation : Izek Mizrahi, 
Produced in : Rijksakadamie Van Beelden De Kunsten, With the support of: Mondrian fons and Prins Bernhard Culturefonds.