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HAWAII - Escaping the Inevitable

Site-specific experience


After coming back from a two week vacation in St. Jacob home for the elderly. We created "Hawaii" = a three-stage site-specific experience. First part was in Dokzall: A performance based on our interpretations of the time we spend at St. Jacob, Second was a walk with the audience to the third part where we entered a concert that had already started in St. Jacob home for the elderly Amsterdam. For “HAWAII” I created mechanical apparatuses that imitate the constraints that elderly bodies endure. Two young body’s : one was wearing motors that we’re shaking, and the other was wearing wire springs shortening the muscles and pulling the body towards the ground. The young body’s wearing the constraints of elderly bodies, exemplified how in the Inevitable process of aging our efficiency deteriorates. Thus the work revolted against social values that are defined by productivity and speed.

29 : "what is your ultimate vacation?"

95 : "To fall asleep and not wake up"

Hoping to hear a more hopeful answer, 29 asked again: "Where would you like to go on a vacation?"

95 replied: "My life is a Constant vacation, I don’t work anymore."

29 : "All expenses paid, It doesn't have to be realistic, you can go with whoever to where ever. Where would you go?"

95 : "Why should I imagine something I cannot do?" and “A vacation is about sharing time with a loved one and all my friends have died”.

On stage; Maja Engelsman, Jan Reints, Gertjan Franciscus future and myself.
Partner in crime, Advisor, stage design: Miguel Angel Melgares,
Partner in crime spiritual guide: Gertjan FranciscusAdvisor,
Music Composer: Yamila Ríos,
Organ playing and Arrangement: yuval reuben Machines,
Stan Wannet, Machines advice: Itamar mendes Flohr,
Advisor: Siegmar Zacharias,
Production: Lisa Reinheimer,
Stage construction: Cedric Daoud,
Technical advice: Rein Hartog.
First part was in Dokzall Amsterdam, Second part at St. Jacob Home for the elderly Amsterdam, created in Das-Arts Amsterdam.