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installation 2008/9

The audience was invited to three performances, which like a TV series take place in intervals of one week at a time. Combining performance, video and sculpture – FOSSILS takes place in a space-designd specifically for this event. The audience is invited to take a peek into the world of a family encased in plaster of Paris. Through the use of plaster, the actual progress of time materializes and reflects the drama of this family that is stuck and trying to find a way out of the mold. As time goes by, the performers "solidify" like live sculptures alluding to familiar images from the history of art – such as the Virgin Mary and still-life paintings – thus reacting to the idea of timelessness of the aesthetic object and Domesticity as a clinical fixation

Space-design with: Yuval Rimon, Ayelet Lerman.
Plaster Sculptures: Ayelet Lerman, Inbar Ben-Yishay.
Dramaturgy: Sivan Lapper.
Performers: Gal Naor, Dalia Bareket, Jackie Greenstein, Erez Perlmuter,
Costumes: Adi Lagziel.
Choreography: Noa Dar.
Video: Lior Lerman.
Lighting: Omri Barel,
Space construction: Yuval Rimon.
Mechanism constructed by Oded Rimon, Omer Kadmi.
Advisors: Daphna Ben-Shaul, Yuval Rimon.
Production: Noa Simon, Field production: Eliana Marcus.
Video documentation: Itamar Mendes-flohr.