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Short film 7 min 2008

Genesis 3:19"For dust you are and to dust you will return" 

Through the portrayal of a couples relationship disintegrating, dust becomes the metaphor for an end.
The film is about the inevitability of life, love and civilization ending in dust.

Photography and Lighting: Itamar Mendes-flohr.
Sound Design: Michael Berkovitch.
Editing: Poly Geltzer.
Actors: Gili Lavi, Yoel Ron.  
Advisor: Yuval Rimon.
Thanks: Sharon Breuer, Shay Persil, Lior Lerman, Matan Krakow.
Premiere 2008 at “Stage Song” Festival in Wroclaw.
Coproduced by The school of visual theatre jerusalem and “Stage Song” Festival in Wroclaw, Polan.