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AFTER HOPE סימן חיים
إ شارة حياة

A sci-fi theatrical installation.

Interdisciplinary collaboration:
Dermatology : Vered Abutbul,
Stage and light : Yonatan Ward and Gil Adam,
Video : Izek Mizrahi,
Music: Sachi Piro,
Assistant Director : Smadar Tsook,
Onstage: Lina Bder, Sachi Piro 7 Jerusalem teens and myself.
Production of PAA - performance art arena Jerusalem. Artistic director: Guy Biran..

In the year 2015 Aliens come to Jerusalem to interview teenagers about the future. The aliens attempt to evoke a new kind of hope, by creating a meeting point /confrontation between teenagers that ordinarily don't meet. A hope that rises from disillusion - from the understanding that we are all doomed to live here together. Suggesting that : "When we stop believing in a better future, we open up towards a paradigm shift".

Interdisciplinary collaboration