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Manhandled Part two:

Performance 2017


A performance interpretation to the NewTestament story and Oscar Wildes 1891 tragedyplay Salome.
In collaboration with: Haian Arshied, Tarek AlMuazen and Manar Al Sammour. Three Syrianmusicians. Together we engaged with theterm ” barbarian” as it has been inflicted upondifferent ethnic groups throughout historyfrom Latin Greek “barbaros“ meaning ‘foreign’,the Romans referred to the Germanics as"barbarian". Nowadays populist descendantsof the Germanics tribes have adopted thelegacy of the Greek and Roman empiresself attributing the set of cultural values,religious beliefs, and the highbrow positionof the so called “civilized”, pointing to term”barbarians” to the Near East.Premiered at RijksOpen ,Rijksakademie van beeldende kunste, Amsterdam NL 2017.