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In search for a cyclical and maternal experience of time A mother and child are cave archeologists, excavating each other's memories and fantasies of care. Weisstub will focus mainly on exploring the physicality of grasping and releasing re-enacted memories of care with the performers. Grasping a memory and grasping another body. Releasing as awakening from a fantasy; releasing as letting go of grip or letting go of dependency.The presentation lasts about an hour. After the public sharing you can stay for a drink at our BAU minibar.  


Work by: Tchelet Pearl WeisstubCollaborating artists Performance: Danielle van Vree, Loki Noordegraaf, Claire Philippart, Edward Lloyd Light and Kinetic sculptures: Oded Rimon Music: Haian Arshied Photographey: Peter Franken Video editing: Yitzhak Mizrahi Produced and shared at BAU AIR Amsterdam.