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HAWAII - Escaping the Inevitable -SEOUL

Performance ,
video installation  


“Hawaii” is a metaphor for a fantasy vacation and the artist issues the topic of the elderly’s vacation. In the work, vacation is revealed 1. As a commodification of free time, 2. As a commodification of the experience of being in nature, 3. As the achievement prize of being a hard worker in a predominant financial structure, 4. As a space of fantasy, 5. As a collection of memorie. By linking this point with the “restriction of the body” that occurs in the process of aging, the artist constitutes an experience in which young and the elderly share their worries and thoughts, communicate and care for each other.

Going through a pandemic period in which social relationships were inevitably more segregated, Weisstub once again realized the importance of intergenerational exchanges while witnessing various manifestations of “vulnerability.” In Hawaii - Inevitable Escape - Seoul, she creates hybrids between young and old, the past and the future, forcing them to inhabit the same space “together.” By incorporating the structure of meeting, communication, and caring for the elderly and young in her work, she confronted the audience with their future selves and provides an opportunity to think about blindspots that we have not experienced. With this work, everyone, including the audience, could discuss “our future” together.


Director·Choreographer: Tchelet Pearl Weisstub
Live Music & Soundscape Composer: bela
Performers: Kang Min Kim·Sang Dong Kim·Min Kyoung Kwon·Su Kyung Yoo
Kinetic Machines: Stan Wannet
Curator: Sun A Moon
Production Team: Sun A Moon·Mijoo Park
Hosted & Organized & Produced by Space AfroAsia
Supported by Arts Council Korea·International Partnership in Support of Arts Creation·DutchCulture Centre for International Cooperation
Cooperated with Post Territory Ujeongguk
Graphic Designer: Dokho Shin
Coordinator·Translator: E Joung Seo 
Cinematographers: CHE Onejoon & Yitzhak Mizrahi